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Business Logix is a leading technology consultation firm based in Melbourne. Our highly professional and dynamic organisation comprises of specialist consultants that are certified in a variety of industry-leading programming languages and design methodologies.

Servicing a broad range of clients, Business Logix offers in-depth software development expertise across multiple platforms.

We design, build and maintain business-critical solutions tailored to meet and exceed your organisations needs. All work is carried out by dedicated professionals who will see your project through every stage of its life cycle; our Australian based solutions architects and developers will liaise directly with you at all times from planning and analysis through to deployment and ongoing support.

We deliver highly effective solutions on time and on budget, with the flexibility of 24-hour software development and support capabilities. Our clients are guaranteed exceptional customer focus and quality assurance at all times.

Explore the Business Logix website or contact us to discover how our range of end-to-end IT and consultation services can improve your organisations productivity and profits.